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Enjoy the results and challenges along the process:

1. When we solve the mortality problem, selected members + 1 person nominated per member will have priority in using this solution. If they don't feel safe with the preliminary results and prefer to wait for more results before using the solutions, they can give their turn to the other people in the queue, keeping 1 position behind for when they want to use their right to use this benefit.

2. Opportunity to work on a revolutionary project, a watershed in human history.

3. Opportunity to contribute to the cure of many diseases. This will be part of the process of solving the immortality problem, although the solution is likely to be based on improved immunity with a direct impact on all diseases.

4. Opportunity to contribute to the solution of environmental, social and educational problems. We'll need a cozy place to live.

5. The pleasure of dealing with stimulating challenges at a stratospheric level of difficulty, with solutions to problems of great importance to the real world.

6. Members with the most substantial contributions will be invited to participate in our main project (T Project).

7. Possibility to create your own projects with our financial support (for invited ones by item 6).

8. Priority in the participation of our future projects, since immortality will involve many important works in the future, such as avoiding collisions with asteroids, transferring the mind to digital storage devices and vice versa, resuscitation, terraforming other astronomical objects before the Sun incinerates the Earth, colonization of other astronomical objects, control over the increase in universal entropy, control over the local expansion of the Universe, and other problems that we don't have enough data to know for now.

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