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001 Tamara Priscila Cardoso Rodrigues (more about her)

Polymath, philosopher, scientist, engineer, chemical, writer, artist, financial analyst, educator, author of innovative educational methods of accelerated and enriched teaching, tested on children aged 8 to 11 with exceptional results (1 year's content taught in 40 days), co-author of the Sigma Test Light.


002 Hindemburg Melão Jr. (more about him) books

Innovations in ZFC, Innovations in incompleteness theoremsWorld record holder registered in the Guinness Book (longest announced checkmate in blindfold simultaneous chess games), author of Saturn V, author of some scientific innovations and improvements on wokrs about Nobel prize winners, include Melao index (Risk Management), improvements in Sharpe Index (Nobel Prize 1990)IMCH (Biostatistics/Anthropometry), Melao absolute rating (Statistics/Measure Theory), first method to determine the IQ in ratio scale (Psychometrics/Statistics), best solution for Shannon number up to 2015 (Combinatorial analysis), improvements in Benford-Law, improvements in IRTTop-10 theoretical novelty in the Sahovski Informator 80 (Chess)author of extremely difficult intelligence tests (Cognitive Science/Psychometrics) and some more innovations in different scientific fields (Logic, Fundamentals of Mathematics, Astrometry, Number Theory, N-dimensional Geometry, Econometrics, Algorithm Optimization, Psychometrics etc.), founder of Sigma Society, Sigma VII and segments, founder of Unicorn High IQ Society and Platinum Society, First Latin-America Representative at Intercontinental High-I.Q. Forum 2022, Vice-President of South-America of GENIUS High IQ Network’s, honorary member of Pars Society, honorary member of CATHOLlQ HIGH IQ Society, honorary member of others high IQ societies, former-Advisor Board of United Giga Society, former member of USIA


003 Iakovos Koukas (more about him

Highest IQ score among all adult IQ tests (215, σ=16 | 273, σ=24)Global Genius Directory 2021 Award winnerFounder and CEO of Test My IQ and IQ GENIUS platformsWGD Genius Of The Year (2015) Award Winner – Europe; VEDIQ Guild Intellectual Leader Of The Year 2019; United Giga Society member; Singularity High IQ Society member; Funder-President of THIS High IQ Society, 4G High IQ Society, BRAIN High IQ Society, ELITE High IQ Society, 6N High IQ Society, NOUS High IQ Society, 6G High IQ Society, NOUS200 High IQ Society, GIFTED High IQ Network and GENIUS High IQ Network; ​Author of extremely difficult High Range IQ Tests (VAST, VICE, GIFT, and GENE IQ test series); Author of Fiction Novels, Philosophical Essays, Poetry Collections, Scientific Papers, Intelligence and IQ Testing treatise, 2022 Wisdom of Athena Award Winner.


004 J. A. L. J. (more about him)

Author of an important novelty in homomorphic cryptography, Coordinator of the Cantor project for the optimization of investment strategies (in this project, J. led a team of 6 medalists in Mathematics and Physics Olympiads, including an IMO champion).

005 Eduardo C. da Costa (more about him)

Former vice president of Mensa Brazil, member of Triple Nine Society, member of International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, member of Glia Society, member of Vertex Society, member of HELLIQ society, prospective member of GenerIQ Society, member of Platinum Society, Elite Member of 4G High IQ Society, Distinguish Ability Award on the Cerebrals International Questionnaire 2012, Champion in several mnemonic competitions.

006 Removed (see "Open letter to YoungHoon Kim")

007 Marios Prodromou (more about him)

Genius of The Year Award 2017 - EuropeVEDIQ Guild Intellectual Leader Of The Year 2018, United Giga Society, Sidis Society, OlympIQ Society Prometheus Society, HellIQ Society, Epimetheus Society and other high IQ Societies, M.Sc. in Education.

008 Fengzhi Wu (more about him)

The author of Mystery Intelligence Test, Founder and President of the God’s Power Society and The Chosen One High IQ Society, member of Nano Society, EsoterIQ Society, 6G High IQ Society, United Giga Society, The Core High Society, The POINT Society, NOUS High IQ Society, Sidis Society and other high IQ societies, Ph.D. in Computer Science/Data Science (MIT), black belt in Karate.

009 Jason Betts (more about him)

Honorary Member of 6G High IQ Society, Member of Prometheus Society, HellIQ Society, author of several extremely difficult IQ tests, Genius of the Year 2013 - Oceania.

010 Tor Arne Jørgensen (more about him in textvideo)

Genius of The Year Award 2019-Europe; Author and designer of; Full member of; Honorary member of nous200 high IQ Society; Full member of 6N High IQ Society; Full member of Satori high IQ Society; Member of Triple4 High IQ Society; Genius member of 4G High IQ Society; Member of Global Genius Directory; Member of Genius High IQ Network; Full member of Synaptiq Society; Honorary member of Sidis Society; Member of HRIQ Rankings; Elite member of Brain High IQ Society; Member of Gifted High IQ Network; Elite member of Elite High IQ Society; Member of World Genius Directory; Member of Venus High IQ Society; Member of World Genius Registry and many other high IQ societies.

011 Marco Ripà (more about him)

Genius of the Year 2014 - EuropePublished several new sequences on "The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)", general (constructive) solution of the 3x3x…x3 points problem in k-dimensions, discovery of the constant congruence speed of tetration providing its inverse and direct map, Member of Sigma VI, United Giga Society4G High IQ SocietyEpimetheus Society and other high IQ Societies, Founder-President of the sPIqr Society

012 Matthew Scillitani (more about him)

Member of the CORE, ESOTERIQ and Giga Societies. First perfect scorer on Paul CooijmansPsychometric Qrosswords. Featured in the book, The Giga Society Conversations (ch. 3: p. 47-72). Research interests include memory, free will/personal autonomy, photonics, ethics, and psychiatry.

013 Evangelos Katsioulis (more about him)

Member of United Giga Society, Giga Society, founder of World Intelligence Network, OlympIQ Society and other high IQ societies

014 Jo Christopher M. Resquites (more about him)

Master in Engineering; Licensed Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer; professional member at Philippine Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers (PSABE); Author of Resquites Wide Range Test of Fluid Intelligence (RWRTFI), Resquites Universal Genius Test (RUGT), Resquites Universal Fluid Intelligence Test (RUFIT), Author of Poems; Author of a cosmological/cosmogonic theory; Founder of Advanced Civilizations Geniuses; Member of EsoterIQ Society, OLYMPIQ Society, KSTHIQ Society; Honorary member of Sidis Society, NOUS200 High IQ Society.

015 Mislav Predavec (more about him)

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, founder of GenerIQ Society, Author of several extremely difficult high range IQ tests

016 Veronica Palladino (more about her)
Medical doctor; co-champion of LexIQ contestFull member of 6N High IQ Society, CHIN, Leviathan, The One society, Hochste iq society, Profundus society, Synaptiq society, WGD, Gifted High iq Network; Prospective member of Sidis society and full member of other high IQ societies; Author of four books: “Il diario del Martedì” 2008, “Un mondo altro” 2009, “La Morte delle Afroditi bionde” 2019 and “Persone e lacrime” (poems) 2018.

017 Heinrich Siemens (more about him)

Member of Giga SocietyMega Society and other high IQ societies, mathematician, philosopher and linguist

018 Adam Kisby (more about him)

Member of Omega Society and other high IQ societies, philosopher and scientist, author of "A Revolutionary Kind of Science"

019 Thomas Ossel (more about him)

Member of NOUS200 High IQ Society and other high IQ societies

020 Carlos de Alcântara (more about him)

During 5 years South-american record holder of Rubik's Cube in minimum number of movements; Duolingo Global Ambassador; Computer Scientist; broke the world record on Seterra speedrun World Capital's challenge; C2 CEFR level certified ESL teacher; Linguistic improvising skills on making rhymes, having beat a big champion on a freestyle rap battle; Polyglot, learning 1000+ new words every month; and bullet chess player.

021 Justin Lancaster (more about him)
Member of Prometheus Society, President of Vermont Medical College, Post Doctoral Fellow at Harvard University, Ph.D. at University of California, Founder and CEO at Geosoftware, Founder & Executive Director at Environmental Science & Policy Institute, Community member na empresa kwiKBio, Inventor with three patents in the area of ​​Biotechnology up to now (4th in progress). 

022 Renato P. dos Santos (more about him)

Ph.D. in Physics at Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas, Post Doctoral at Universitaet Karlsruhe, Post Doctoral at Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, specialist in Data Science, Machine Learning and criptocurrencies by Coursera and in blockchain technologies by Blockgeeks. Researcher and Preceptor of Ph.D. students at Universidade Luterana do Brasil, member of British Blockchain Association, guest editor on Big Data at Themes in Science and Technology Education, assistant editor of Acta Scientiae (ULBRA), referee of International Journal of Physical Sciences, Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Financial Innovation and Advanced Theory and Simulations, Works on virtual worlds, Second Life and computational simulations of microworlds of alternative Physics, pioneer on popular science in Brazil by Internet (1996) with Malba Tahan Magazine and the website Física Interessante.

023 Andrew Beckwith (more about him)

Research contractor for U.S. Department of Energy, Ph.D. in Physics at University of Houston, M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics at University of Arizona, two simultaneous B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics at University of California, Editor at Journal of High Energy Physics - Gravitation and Cosmology (JHEPGC as susidary of SCIRP); Associate Editor at Galaxies Journal; Associate Editor at Theoretical Physics (TP); Associate Editor of International eJournal of Engineering Mathematics: Theory and Application; Visiting research scientist at Chongqing University; Member of international journal of pure and applied sciences, some of his papers

024 Victor Gabriel Leandro Alves (more about him)

Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology Physics at University of Virginia, Ph.D. in Applied Nuclear Physics, M.Sc. in Dosimetry and Radioprotection (Radiation Biophysics), B.Sc. in Physics. Reviewer of the Medical Physics Journal. Full member of the AAPM - American Association of Physicists in Medicine, Full Member and board certified in Radiation Oncology Physics by the Brazilian Association of Medical Physics – ABFM.  Research interests: film/EPID dosimetry, multi-objective optimization, probabilistic modeling, robust statistics, uncertainty estimation, image segmentation, and applications of AI in radiotherapy. Academic profiles: publons, Google Scholar

025 Rafael Fernandes Vieira Correia Santos (more about him)

Holds the Certificate in Quantitative Finance by the CQF Institute, which is considered the most difficult and rare certification for the financial market; Holds a Doctorate and Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), where he studied subjects related to optimization, stochastic modeling and simulations; Completing an MBA with a Specialty in Project Planning for the Oil and Gas Industry; Graduated in Chemical Engineering from UFPE; Currently, he works as a data scientist specializing in strategic risk management applied to the financial market; The main activities are linked to the development of investments strategies (Expert Advisor) using machine learning, deep learning and spatial statistics; To implement these studies, it uses the following programming languages: Python, R, Matlab, C++, MQL5 and Java; Has more than 30 thousand students spread over 35 online courses with topics related to mathematics, statistics, programming languages ​​and quantitative finance; He has also written several scientific articles in respected journals worldwide; He is the author of more than 5 books where the book Fundamentals of Python that is a best seller on Amazon occupying the first place in the number of sales for more than 2 consecutive years.

026 Bráulio Medina (more about him)

Honorable mention in National Mathematical Olympiad, Professor at IBMEC, B.Sc. in Mathematics, B.Sc. in Engineering

027 Thiago Pereira (more about him)

Ph.D. in Economics Sciences at University of Chicago, M.Sc. in Automation and Systems Control at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

028 Dylan Taylor (more about him)

Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space, Young Global Leader in 2011 Prize (World Economic Forum), Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st at Harvard Kennedy School, MBA at University of Chicago, B.Sc. in Engineering at University of Arizona, member of Sigma Society, Sigma III, ISI-S, Glia, CIVIQ, Cerebrals, subscriber of Sigma VII.

029 Domagoj Kutle (more about him)

Genius of The Year Award 2020 - EuropeNOUS High IQ Society, 6N High IQ Society, Sidis Society, and other high IQ Societies, Founder of DEUS VULT Journal, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Advisor Board of United Giga Society.

030 Alex Teixeira da Silva (more about him) 

Selected for the PECI (among the most prominent gold medalists in the OBMEP-Brazilian Public Schools Mathematics Olympiad), achieved three gold medals in the OBMEP, in addition to two silver medals, one bronze medal, and one honorable mention in the same competition. Also, a national medalist in Physics Olympiads (bronze in OBFEP) and Astronomy and Astrophysics (silver in OBA).

031 David Udbjørg (more about him) 

Representative of Africa at Intercontinental High-I.Q. Forum 2022. Member of International Society of Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) The Thousand. Subscriber of Sigma VII. Honorary member of Isi-Society, PARS society, Poetic Genius Society and many others. Architect at the Danish Foreign ministry. Artist and Author. Founder of High IQ Society for Humanity and CAILI. Founder of The Adventurers Society, Member of Los Angeles Adventurers Society. Given the title NENE as Chief of the Krobo tribe in Ghana.

032 Diogo Barardo (more about him)

Distinguished NUS Research Scholar by the National University of Singapore and On Deck Longevity Biotech Fellowship, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at National University of Singapore, Ph.D. in Biochemistry by University of Liverpool, Head of Research And Development at Vitalism, specialist in Longevity and Machine Learning.

033 Felipe Rodrigues (more about him)

Top-20 in Brazil in the rapid ranking, engineer, technology agent at Banco do Brasil.

034 Tianxi Yu (more about him)

Member of EsoterIQ Society, United Giga Society, Sigma VI and other high IQ societies. Author of several high range IQ tests, holder of highest registered IQ in China according United Giga Society, B.Sc. in Medicine.

035 Jean Lucas Paes de Farias (more about him)

Member of Sigma IV, M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering and Territorial Management (UFSC), Specialist in Geoprocessing and Remote Sensing, developed a method for monitoring preservation areas using satellite and drone imagerySurveying Engineer with experience in criminal investigation using geospatial data and Agricultural Technician.

036 W.D.P. 
Member of Sigma IV, member of International High IQ Society, former member of Mensa Brazil, PhD in Medical Sciences.

037 Renato Amoedo Nadier Rodrigues (more about him and more

Polymath, 1st place in the world in the "Eramus Mundus Scholarship" as European Master in Law and Economics, 1st place in Enade 2006, B.Sc. Summa Cum Laude in Law, Master Cum Laude in Laws and Private Economic Law, Completed a PhD in Administration (Strategic Finance), approved with maximum distinction in the Specialization in Business, Deputy Coordinator of the Faculty's Law Course Batista Brasileira (FBB), Professor at FBB, UNYAHNA, FTE (Faculty of Business Technology), monitor and professor at UFBA, taught Commercial Law as a trainee, approved in 1st place in public selection; He taught Commercial, Financial and Economic Law as an Assistant Professor at UFT. Criminal Expert from the Scientific Police Department of Bahia and researcher affiliated with ABDE - Brazilian Association of Law and Economics and CONPEDI. Has experience in the areas of Law, Legal Engineering and Finance; with an emphasis on Corporate Governance and Economic Analysis of Law, working mainly on the following topics: Company Law, Capital market, Strategic Finance, Criminalistics and Public Policies.

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